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lord... too much drama. and i didnt even do anything this time

so i hear you have a class with him. and "there is nothing melissa can do about it." ... well i just wanted you to know i dont have a problem with you and him being friends. anything more then friends and thats were i come in. i trust levi, i know he doesnt llike you like that and i have no reason to think otherwise. i dont know what you were thinking about flaunting it. and i dont much care. im trying to be nice to you, and put up with your shit. im hoping that one day i will be able to have a conversation with you without kill you in due process. i have no problem with you anymore. and i have learned that the only reason you have done what you did was to get at me. and to tell you the truth i could care less. because i know in the end levi loves me and not you and "there is nothing 'kaila' can do about it" all your little mind games mean nothing to me now. and i could care less what you do . yeah i know i get jealous very easy, and i ,know i am protective, but i know that there is nothing you can do to break me and levi up. im stuck on him like glue.

i wouldnt mind being 'friends' ( i guess thats what you would call it) but only if one thing is done. i would like it if you wouldnt feel all over MY boyfriend. i mean i might as well get this out and said. but lord. you know that we go out and you still come up to him and try to feel him up, then say something like " oh i forgot you had a girlfriend." .. whatever.

i dont care if you have a class with him.. want a cookie? lol. i dont want to do anything about it. and im not the one that always starts crap kaila.. you are. you started the shit about him and me and you . and all that. you were the one that started the lesbian thing. and you were the one that started the " im gonna kick you ass" thing. im just saying its a new years and i need to get all my ducks in a row.. and stop being a bitch. so, i wanted to start over. start fresh with our friendship thing bob.
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